Our center was put into service in Bahçeşehir in 2016 with the motto of "Healthy Life". Our clinic continues to grow rapidly by including the physical therapy and rehabilitation centers of various hospitals in Istanbul in 2019. Our clinic serves with personalized exercise applications for children, sedentary, athletes and geriatric individuals. In addition, it also undertakes the physical therapy services of various sports clubs such as Bahçeşehir basketball specialty and Bahçeşehir volleyball club. Monex Officiali, Manuel therapy, OMT Training and koraktopractor, lymphedema therapist and Appi, who have completed their training in leading institutions in the field of pilates, serves with 7 physiotherapists. In our center, we care about serving in line with the wishes of our valued guests. Consequently, in 2018, we are on our way with physiotherapists who have completed their training in the field of Schroth therapy and clinical pilates in our center. By developing a new generation perspective on exercises in our clinic, positive feedback is received in a short time from our patients who apply for scoliosis with Schroth treatment. Our team of experts in their field aims to bring the scale of satisfaction to the highest level with their professional skills, training and current approaches. With our 95% success, your smiling faces have always made us happy and honored. You can follow our achievements on social media and various press organizations by feeling yourself like a family environment.
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